7 Resolutions for 2022 that you can fulfill at Bilbor Chalet

At the beginning of the year, more and more of us are focusing on constructive thoughts for the upcoming months. We're making plans that we aim to fulfill in order to become better versions of ourselves or, simply, to better discover our essence! But do we actually fulfill all these great desires? 

We know the answer is ...not! And it's not because we don't want to, but because the circumstances in which we may find ourselves at some point, far from the daily routine we can control, may not allow us to do so! For example, during a vacation, you may be forced to break yor own resolutions' principles, because you no longer get the availability of the tools you used at home, but that's not the case at Bilbor Chalet!

Here are 7 resolutions for 2022 that you can't help but tick during a stay on these magical lands!



1. Protect nature more 

At Bilbor Chalet, we are aware that every gesture, action, material used, packaging, absolutely everything we do has an impact on our Planet - that is why we strongly confirm the aspect of sustainability at Bilbor Chalet as a basic feature that represents us! 

The heating system of the chalet is 100% ecological, the materials used in the construction were also eco-friendly (wood, water-based varnish, natural fabrics, stone), we've got ecological septic tanks, a rain water collection system, a waste separation management system - they all tick the measures we've been taking in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible. And if you're planning to ride an electric car to come to Bilbor Chalet, don't worry! We even have a charging station for your vehicle!


2. Spend quality time with family and friends 

Bilbor Chalet is an ideal place where laughter and goodwill always flood our guests' souls, as they really get offered strong reasons to feel good here. Just imagine, you and your family and friends living unique moments while relaxing in the sauna or in the jacuzzi outside, having a beautiful view to the sunset, unwinding memories in the elegant living room with a glass of wine or a cup of hot tea by the fireplace…

Surely you would love the feeling of having everyone reunited around the table to find winning strategies for rummy, backgammon, chess or card games! Shall we mention that the afternoons can catch you playing football or volleyball on the generous green are, and the evenings can surprise you watching your favourite movie outside? But would horse-drawn sleigh rides / carts make you smile too?


3. Explore the beauties of Romania 

We live in a beautiful country, but we never get to discover its hidden secrets, either because they are too far from where we are or because we choose the illusion of visiting foreign countries that offer "better conditions than ours." At Bilbor Chalet, you can enjoy the highest standards of comfort, in a small village with over 100 springs of mineral water, at the foot of the Călimani mountains.

Thus, from here you have access to the Călimani National Park, and at about 20 kilometers, you can find the tourist resorts Borsec, Toplița and Vatra Dornei. Also there can be found famous attractions nearby, such as Salina Praid, Sovata Resort, Ceahlau Mountains, Lake St. Anne, Mini Transylvania Park, Heart of Jesus Statue in Odorheiul Secuiesc, the Red Lake, Cheile Bicazului National Park, Zetea Dam, Lazar Castle and the list can go on.


4. Be more gentle to myself, pamper myself, and thank myself

Comfort brings a special satisfaction in everyone's life! It makes us feel special! It brings us joy in life and reminds us that all our daily efforts are worth it! At Bilbor Chalet you will have the right setting to be able reflect on and thank yourself for doing things exactly the way you manage to do them! No more self-blaming for the late deadlines or for the moments when you forgot about certain tasks.

You will pamper your senses by sleeping on a comfortable mattress in a luxurious room that has a special design, you will enjoy drinking coffee on the balcony with a special view, you will quickly prepare a snack in the fully equipped modern kitchen, you will day-dream in the open-space living room with fireplace, you will watch your favourite series on Netflix on a Smart TV having a generous diagonal, you will be able to play with the little ones in specially designed areas both inside and outside the chalet! And because we've just mentioned the outside area, you should know here you'll find a couple of terraces, a gazebo fully equipped with a barbecue, an oven and a wood stove, the sauna and last but not least, the jacuzzi. It sounds like a dream, but we assure you that at Bilbor Chalet that's the reality!


5. Stay fit 

Because here comfort meets nature, you get the opportunity to explore the relief of the surroundings with infinite pleasure, either by bike or in a running pace! Thus, any outdoor physical activity session will end not only with the satisfaction of the effort made, but also with the incomparable joy of exploring unknown paths shrouded in freshness! Here you breathe purity and breathe peace! You inhale the beauty of the flora and fauna that you can discover, and then exhale gratitude!


6. Live healthy

At Bilbor Chalet, the most valuable benefits are free: the most unpolluted air in the whole country, according to studies conducted by specialists and healthy water from nearby mineral springs! Even the food has a different taste and a different consistency here; whether you serve a meal prepared by our hired personal chef or you choose to order something from straight from the heart of Bilbor village, from the local restaurants which are so famous for their food made of organic products!


7. Read more

We know, it's hard to find any free space in your suitcase for that book you want to read quietly on holiday, especially if you have children and each pocket finds its use by hosting yet another toy. Well, when you're about to come to Bilbor Chalet, you can give up on the idea that you need that extra space for the book! Why? Because here you will find dozens of books! In the library, but also in the beautifully decorated corners that attract your attention on your way to your room! So many titles, various authors, different fields, you will surely find something that will arouse your interest and will give you a good reason to relax in the place specially designed for reading!


Have we raised your curiosity? What do you think? Would you be able to tick your 2022 resolutions at Bilbor Chalet?