Why do our guests love Bilbor Chalet?

February is the month of love, the month in which both falling in love and re-falling in love floatshy and yet playful in the air, just like the beginning of a story full of hearts. 


At Bilbor Chalet, love is continuously felt, so that there isn't any other day or month to love more than normally. Here, love is everywhere and takes shape of countless little things that bring together sincere smiles, a shudder of joy and a state of permanent dreaming. At least that's what our customers have told us so far…


At Bilbor Chalet, love is felt through the fresh smell of a fir tree, which is flooding your soul with every step you're taking on the paths of the surrounding forests. Imagine your morning walk as a therapy for your mind and body in the place with the cleanest air in Romania. Love in nature flourishes even more when discovering the local flora and fauna.

Love for real adventure is also a facet of Cupid's feeling at Bilbor Chalet. How can you get to know it? That's so simple! All you need to do is to make a reservation for a horse-drawn sleigh ride or a carriage ride on the magical lands near the Bilbor village. A hot tea carried in a thermos will make the stops in nature much more special. 

Good taste is also loved, admired and caressed at Bilbor Chalet, in all its forms. The modern decor with colours inspired by the nature, the unique pieces of furniture, the imprint of a modern style chosen not really randomly in a wooden cottage - all these elements have transformed a location meant for mountain accommodation into a real place to adore staying, it's a place where you feel you're special from the very first moment you open your eyes in the morning, until bedtime and even during your sleep at night! PS Dreams also feel differently at Bilbor Chalet!

Of course you love peace too, so you know that relaxing in a chic setting by the fireplace can't be compared to anything, especially when you can't wait to run through the phrases and the pages of your favourite book. During the day, the natural light is passing through the huge window of the living room and finely caresses your face… In the evening, the fairytale-like atmosphere is springing from the warm light of the chic lamp, carefully positioned towards the velvet armchair. It's not a dream, it's a reality of love!

Another angle of love found in this realm is love for the planet, a love based on the awareness that any action we choose to undertake, has an impact on the environment. We have built "in a green style", we produce green heat, we collect rainwater, we constantly educate ourselves on ecological issues, and we involve the whole team in this eco-friendly driven process, together with the locals and even the guests. Such a gift from God deserves to be treated with responsibility and love!

These are just a few ways you can get to know the lesser-known faces of love at Bilbor Chalet, but we can assure you that even if we were to write thousands of words, they would never be able to describe that specific mood that is flooding your soul. once you enter the realm of Bilbor. Bilbor Chalet is LOVE!